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Enough evidence to support young earth claims

Roger Marshall

Enough evidence to support young earth claims

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IN FREDERICK JOHNSON’S LETTER titled Dr Humphreys, Humour Us Again (Midweek Nation, October 7), he failed to address any of the specific lines of evidence presented by Dr Russell Humphreys in a recent lecture which indicate that the world is thousands of years old, in line with the biblical creation model instead of the millions and billions of years demanded by the evolution model.

One such line of evidence presented by Dr Humphreys is the presence of significant amounts of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in all fossil layers which are believed by evolutionists to be many millions of years old. Radiocarbon shouldn’t be present in all the fossil layers if the earth is really as old as claimed by evolutionists.

Mr Johnson questioned where the dinosaurs fit into the young earth creation model.

Dr Humphreys pointed out that they fit very well in light of recent discoveries of soft tissue and blood cells from dinosaur bones which clearly show that these creatures did not live millions of years ago. In fact, available evidence shows dinosaurs coexisted with man just a few thousand years ago exactly as The Bible teaches (see Gen. 1: 24-26; Job 40: 15-24).

Concerning those galaxies billions of light years away from earth, one needs to ponder the fact that if they were really billions of years old then they should only appear to be featureless disks of stars instead of displaying the many elegant spirals we see. As physicist Dr John Hartnett has observed: “ . . . a 10 billion year old galaxy can appear to have only one or two rotations (windings) in its spiral structure, when with a rotation period of 200 million years it should have 50 windings in the spiral structure.

Astronomers sometimes call this the ‘wind-up problem’ of the spiral arms. The problem occurs because the inner parts of the disks of these galaxies are observed to rotate faster than the outer parts. Galaxies are not solid bodies and as they rotate they should wind up so much that their spiral structure should have been destroyed over 10 billion years of their alleged lifetime. This latter observational fact is something that biblical creationists have for a long time used as evidence supporting a young universe. The galaxies were, in fact, created almost just as we observe them, so there is no ‘wind-up problem’.” – John Hartnett, online article Stars Don’t Form Maturally‘Dark Matter’ The ‘God Of The Gaps’ Is Needed, Septemeber 2015)

– Roger Marshall