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Lashley: Use all media


Lashley: Use all media

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AS THE FILM industry in Barbados continues to develop, there is a need for more local content in new and existing media.

This was the thought expressed by Minister of Culture, Stephen Lashley, who spoke to the Barbados Government Information Service after the Barbados Visual Media Awards, held at the Frank Collymore Hall last Wednesday.

“We need to utilise all media to exhibit our films…I would like to see for example more content on CBC; I also would like to see more content on social media…The opportunity is there to create opportunities for our local talent to be exposed,” the Minister said.

Lashley, who presented several Barbadian filmmakers with awards at the event, noted that as the industry continues to grow, so should the avenues for filmmakers to showcase their films.

The Culture Minister also expressed his pleasure with the progress made in the industry, and noted that through the years, he had witnessed a “consistent improvement” in the quality of Barbadian films.

The Barbados Visual Media Awards, which recognises and rewards the efforts and talents of local filmmakers, saw the film Egres”, written by and starring Barbadian actor Sean Field, win several awards, including Best Film, Best Actor and Best Director. (BGIS)