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It’s him!

Sanka Price, [email protected]

It’s him!

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THE MAN BEING questioned by police in connection with the death of Marcelle Smith is on bail for a charge of killing another woman just over a decade ago. He has also been the main suspect in the slaying of Gillian Bayne plus the rape and beating of another woman 19 years ago.

All four crimes occurred in St Philip, with three of them happening within two miles of the suspect’s mother’s address where he reportedly lived at the respective times.

Though police remain tightlipped on the matter, the suspect’s mother confirmed yesterday that he was in custody.

She did not say what he was being questioned about, but told the DAILY NATION the matter had her feeling sick and complained of a pain in the pit of her stomach, for which she was on her way to the doctor.

CLOSURE SOON? Thelma Bayne kissing the picture of her deceased daughter Gillian. (Picture by Sandy Pitt)

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.