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A salute to three heroes

DR Waldo Waldron-Ramsay

A salute to three heroes

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SOME sing of Alexander, some sing of Hercules, of Hector and Lysander, and such great names as these.

But, I am a cantor who is happy to sing the praises and mark the heroic successful efforts of three young policemen – obviously the products of the Cameron Tudor and Errol Barrow educational acculturisation, “Duty to State and Duty to Fellowman” – who, spurning danger to self, but seized of the compelling duty to save human life, sprang into action to help Margaret Walters – a damsel-in-distress.

I salute these three young policemen: 2065 Jamal Ifill; 1975 Philip Wiles and 1994 Omar Griffith, three heroes of the Royal Barbados Police Force. These are real heroes. They saved a human life.

In this society, one tends to observe that some citizens are quick to condemn the police, when of one or two of them make a misjudgement due to the frailties of the human condition. But we also tend to be tardy or slow to congratulate them when they perform, or indeed excel, in feats to promote or extend the national purpose.

The police in every country is the first line of call in civil defence. Especially in a polity like Barbados, where we do not have the marines, air force, navy, army or national reserves, we need be much more appreciative of the work and immediacy of the police in the civitas (state).

These three young brave policemen were quick thinkers, and understood their duty first as humans.


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