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Da Throwback vibes


Da Throwback vibes

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FROM BACK IN TIME to Flashback Saturdays, old at heart Barbadians had another chance to experience the old school vibes at Paulo’s Churrasco Du Brasil in St Lawrence Gap recently.

Da Throwback: Flat Tops & Travel Fox, featuring the master mixing of DJs Soca Superman, Ozzy The Wizard, Timeless and Kashi, took the small but intimate gathering back to the 1990s and early 2000s with hits from genres such as soca, dancehall, calypso and pop.

Da Throwback, though similar in concept to the other events that take the musical train down memory lane, used a different vehicle to reach a much closer destination.

“It’s not a back in time party, it’s not an old school party, it’s a throwback,” said one of the organisers of the event and 98.1 The One’s resident DJ Kashi Browne. “It’s just a ‘toss back’ to a few of years ago . . . . For that demographic that is basically ignored.”

With the untimely demise of party venues such as Jumbies, Ship Inn, Afterdark and Baku On The West Coast, Kashi said Da Throwback came in to fill that void for the people who used to party at those venues.

“We’re not taking it as far back as the 1960 or even the 1980s,” said Kashi, “but to the times just a little bit before where we used to party. So people, let’s say in their 30s or their 40s or people around there that care for that sort of music, that’s what we’re here for.”

On the future of Da Throwback, Kashi said that they will have the parties in November and December along with much larger events to be held in 2016.

“We know that this demographic wants to party, so it’s just a matter of getting the word out there, getting people to understand what we’re doing and I think we have something big going on.” (SM)