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The Cahill conspiracy


The Cahill conspiracy

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I AM A FIRM BELIEVER in conspiracy theories. There have been many great conspiracy theories in history, ranging from the September 11 terrorist attacks to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, to UFOs at Roswell.

A conspiracy theory is an explanatory hypothesis that accuses two or more people, a group or an organisation of having caused or covered up, through secret planning and deliberate action, an event or situation which is typically taken to be illegal or harmful.

The controversy surrounding the Cahill plant puts it squarely in the theory. There are the unknown people, a Government morphed in secrecy, harmful dioxins, an illegal tax and a cover-up.

Public knowledge of this waste-to-energy plant unfolded in the Democratic Labour Party manifesto of the year 2013. A solid waste management solution was needed and most people did not give that section a second glance. Yet, here it is that two years down the road, it is the subject to the most critical debates of our time.

Searching for clues to this conspiracy led right back to the manifesto which heralded the elections of 2013. Is it logical to think that there are three public steps involved in this conspiracy – first, the manifesto, second the elections and thirdly the waste-to-energy plant, with each step enabling its successor? Was it that the elections of 2013 had to be won at any cost so that the plant could be built?

Government silent

The greatest piece of evidence in support of a conspiracy is that Government, though involved, has provided no information to the citizens of Barbados about the plant. It has kept silent and refused to make public the signed agreements with Cahill Energy.

I was told by a gentleman that he presented the said document which surfaced on the Internet as the Cahill Energy memorandum of understanding (MOU) but that the only difference was that the figures quoted were not the same. Then there is another story that Cahill Energy had been shopping in the Caribbean for countries to build its plants.

It is unclear how Cahill found out that the Government of Barbados intended to build the exact same plant which that gentleman had presented to the Government. Following the timeline, Cahill Energy was established after the gentleman presented his confidential documents and prior to the manifesto being disseminated.

It begs the question as to who conspired and with whom. Who are the real owners of Cahill Energy? There are a select few local names that have surfaced in documents on the Internet.

The MOU provided some of the sordid details on what the Government signed. Based on the contents, $4.8 billion is to be paid in taxes by the next two generations to the owners of the plant. One wonders if the waste to energy plant is a cover-up for sending our future generations back to economic servitude.

One can question the legality of tax that will be handed over to the owners of the plant which also means that the already tax-burdened population will literally be working for free. Research has shown that nanoparticles which will be emitted from the plant are not only harmful to the environment but to the population as well.

Legitimate questions

It appears to be Government’s big secret and their silence is deafening on this matter; yet it seems to have already reduced us once again to chattel as it has accused us of just making “incoherent noise” when legitimate questions are asked.

It is a shame that 182 years after the Emancipation Act was passed and in the midst of the present calls for reparations that slavery, the abomination to every black man in the Western Hemisphere, is being disguised and packaged as a waste to energy plant waiting to unfurl its unspeakable acts of servitude on the people all over again.

It is a shame that some of the population could be so gullible, bent on getting a quick buck without even examining the ramifications of their actions when they sold their votes to elect the present Government.

In essence, they would have voted for slavery; voted to sell the next two generations into slavery if that waste-to-energy plant is ever built. It is also a crying shame that the ones who were entrusted to be servants of the people are bent on breaking all the laws of the land to build a waste-to-energy plant which represents the gateway back to slavery.

One wonders if the Cahill conspiracy will be the catalyst to stop citizens from selling their votes ever again. One wonders if this will end like an episode of the X-Files, where the government causes distractions so that the true extent of their involvement will never be known, or if the government will state that the plant will NOT be built or even step down and call an election.

One thing that we all know for sure is that the truth is out there waiting to be revealed. Where are detectives Scully and Mulder?


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