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Supreme Court looking for 25 accused people


Supreme Court looking for 25 accused people

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JUSTICE JACQUELINE CORNELIUS has issued the first in a long list of names for accused persons as the No.5 Supreme Court sets about unclogging the judicial system of hundreds of cases.

The court turned to the media for help today in tracking down some of the hundreds of people out on bail and whom the court has been unable to locate.

The list is as follows:

Larry Patrick Agard, 34, of Olton Road, Carrington Village, St Michael;

Jeffrey Rudolph Alleyne, 46, of Hinkson Gap, Baxters Road, St Michael;

Mario Austin, 20, of Jackson Tenantry, St Michael;

Christopher Orlando Bailey, 42, of No. 10 Trellis Walk, Grazettes, St Michael;

Rico Shavon Baptiste, 28, Water Street, Christ Church;

Marcus Dwayne Chapman, 31 of No. 8 Watermill Place, Bayville, St Michael;

Sylvanus Clarke, 49, of Browne’s Gap, Hothersal Turning, St Michael;

Kurt Douglas Collymore, 49, of Peterkin Main Road, Bank Hall, St Michael;

James MacArthur Cox, 67, Bynoe Road, Worthing View, Christ Church;

Shane Anderson Daisley, 30, of Passage Gardens, Passage Road;

Rudolph Nathaniel Estwick, 32, of Well House, St Philip;

Curtis Desmond Gilkes, 33, of Ellis Village, Halls Road, St Michael;

Shane Adrian Ifill, 35, of Block 20F Green Hill Drive, Christ Church;

Derick Alphonso John, 21, of Block H 28 Sayes Court Housing Area, Christ Church;

Tracy Alisia Layne, 28, of Room K Vacation Inn, Enterprise, Christ Church;

Frank Ricardo Marshall, 38, of 1st Avenue North Friendship Drive, St Michael;

Ricardo Maynard, 27, No. 43 Breezy Hill, Halton, St Philip;

Michael Anzsara Moore, 36, of Bath Land, St John;

Dave Norville, 31, School Lane, Halls Road, St Michael;

Andre Rommel Shepherd, 37, of 4th Avenue North Friendship Drive, St Michael;

Ervine George Thomas, 42, of Marl Hole Gap, Halls Road, St Michael;

Jeffrey Orlando Thompson, 44, No. 16 Montrose Gardens, Christ Church;

Richan Robert Walrond, 21, Back Ivy, St Michael;

Steve Roger Ward, 46, Lewis Gap, Green Hill, St Michael;

Terry Ericson Worrell, Belair Land, Eagle Hall, St Michael. (AC)