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Time to stop delaying justice


Time to stop delaying justice

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ATTORNEY GENERAL Adriel Brathwaite, you have asserted in a recent television interview that there are myriad reasons why the courts take so long to hear, to try and to deal with cases in Barbados.

In my humble opinion you will not get away with that quite so easily.

As the nation’s top legal officer you are called upon to supply more specifics than you actually did in that television interview. You did mention that various people had gone on leave and that some others had left the jurisdiction, etc.

But I want to ask what sort of priorities obtain in the court system in Barbados? Is someone who is apprehended with a marijuana cigarette going to have to wait as long for his case to be heard as an accused murderer?

Again in my humble opinion, this Government’s chief legal officers should be addressing the problem of excessive delay in getting cases dealt with and decided as the most urgent priority. Evidence that can prove a person innocent tends to disappear after a long time.

I want to urge all of the legal officers of this Administration to get busy and stop relaxing so much.

Justice delayed is justice denied.