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PUDDING & SOUSE: Trickster out of luck


PUDDING & SOUSE: Trickster out of luck

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A WOMAN FROM THE NORTH is finding out the hard way why you should not bite the hand that feeds you.

She is in serious financial problems but cannot turn to anyone because she has violated the trust of just about everyone she ever met.

What’s more, she is now the butt of jokes of everyone who knows about her dilemma because they are glad that at last people who never knew what she is capable of now realise it.

This woman, who works in the retail industry, is known for befriending people and then borrowing money from them with the promise to repay it. The problem is, she does not often keep that promise. Instead, she goes to great lengths to avoid the lenders until they get fed up and don’t bother looking for her anymore. Worst, she often bad talks those who lent her money so that when they begin to complain about her, it seems they are lying.

She is such a con that despite owing several people hundreds of dollars, she bought a car, but is trying to pass it off as belonging to a close relative.

But her luck ran out. One of her lenders put the bailiffs on her, and after several days trying to find her, they caught her and she is now before the courts. Given her past, she has no one to turn to, yet she hasn’t learned her lesson. She refuses to take responsibility for her situation and continues to blame others for her predicament.

That’s why people in the know are laughing. They can’t believe that someone can do so much wickedness and not recognise that someday, somewhere, it will catch up with them.

Injury policy handy

AN INSURANCE EXECUTIVE got a sound beating from one of his many women when he again stepped out of line recently. The exec, a workaholic, had for the first time in his long career to miss a day from the office. Workers say that he was so badly bruised that it would have taken more than one nurse to give him the required assistance.

The man, a known womaniser, stepped into new waters when he reached for his new lover who is steeped in legal matters. But he may need this same advice soon since the woman who believes she is the inside woman is not standing for it this time.

The licks were so hot that he had to lock himself in a room and cower like a child. Some say they never knew that this woman could behave in this violent manner. Others argue that it was about time since he sees himself as irresistible to any woman.

Drama queen’s blind spot

A WOMAN who accused her Shakespearean lover of defrauding her out of her payout money, then baring herself for the world to see, is again wrapped up in the arms of this big-up man.

P&S has been told that the man, whom she has sworn is her Romeo, was later found out not to be the culprit of the theft. Claiming that he has no interest in the “freak mama”, he has left her for an executive class woman. But he is still taking the endless supply of gifts that the “freak mama” is bringing his way while bragging about how stupid she is.

The woman, who has every likelihood of repeating the scenario she pulled in broad daylight when she suffered a breakdown, is using her body to do her part for tourism and make some money so that she can support this no-good man who is slandering her with his friends.

He has sworn that many of his friends are green with envy at his lavish gifts and there is no payroll large enough to stop him from keeping this woman as a side order.

In bind over books

A KNOW-IT-ALL EMPLOYEE may soon be in the long arms of the law for pulling off a stunt for the books. The man, who sees all and knows even more, is now in a serious bind. His problems could reach school heads soon after it was discovered that he and a certain official were working in cahoots to make themselves rich on the side.

This episode could take pages of paperwork before it is finally brought together in a case file. Stay tuned.