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The Pump-kid


The Pump-kid

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KAYSHIA SEALY-BYNOE, who calls herself the Tiny-Tot Farmer, has a deep passion for farming.

She first fell in love with farming by helping out her great-aunt with her small farm.

So when the six-year-old was given a few pumpkin seeds by her great-uncle, she was happy to plant them.

And not only did she plant those pumpkin seeds, but she also sowed seeds for a fruitful future.

“One day I want to be a big farmer to grow my own food so that I can get lots of money too,” she said.

And for at least five months, the Sharon Primary student has been nursing them with the end result being a giant size pumpkin.

Above, Sealy-Bynoe with her giant pumpkin. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)