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History of serial killers

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

History of serial killers

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AS SERIAL MURDERS GO, Barbados does not rank as one of those countries where its citizens cower in fear at the news of a shadowy killer repeatedly stalking victims at night.

So the news that one man, a 21-year-old, was charged yesterday with three killings, all taking place within the space of four months in this year, has set tongues wagging.

But the accused, who is now on remand at HMP Dodds, was not the first man to be charged with multiple murders here.

Set in the lore of the island is the night-stalking “Heart Man”, the tales of whom kept many a child on the straight and narrow and close to home. Legend speaks of the black-garbed figure, who supposedly drove a hearse-like vehicle, patrolling the streets for his youthful victims, cutting out their hearts and selling them to the Devil in some unholy transaction. (HLE)

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