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No longer a proud Bajan


No longer a proud Bajan

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IT IS WITH A HEAVY HEART that I pen this letter about my once beloved Barbados. We were once considered the gem of the Caribbean but we appear more tarnished with every passing day.

We try to market ourselves as a “luxury destination” but one simply has to take a look around the island to see that this appears to be an illusion of grandeur. With unsightly garbage carelessly strewn around, increasing violence, horrible roads, generally slow and inefficient service and in many cases overly expensive with little value for money, we are far from luxury.

And what has become of the friendly and helpful people we used to boast about? Nowadays sadly, many simply look you in the face without a greeting or refuse to acknowledge you if you utter a “good morning”.


It is a shame that many females in this island walk around with their fake bits and pieces; with their tight, unflattering clothes, but can’t even carry on a simple conversation. Quite a few men seem to take pride in looking musty and unkept. They seem to be too stupid to know how to use a belt, and don’t get me started on the lack of chivalry! Do they even know what this means or even how to spell it?

It seems that people on this island seem to embrace all the negatives of other cultures. Is this the future of Barbados? Something is seriously wrong with the mentality of our people. The lack of self-respect, decency, manners, common sense and consideration for others is clearly evident in today’s society.

In addition to a weak Government that also refuses to toughen its stance on crime to protect the law-abiding citizens and visitors, we are in a state.

So no I am no longer a proud Bajan; just a sad, fearful, disgusted and disappointed one.