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GAL FRIDAY: Talking bottles


GAL FRIDAY: Talking bottles

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ON TUESDAY, I was proud. Proud with a pride that made no wanton boast, but with a feeling that made me feel good. And I’m sure this would make you feel special too, especially in light of the fact that we’re in the month of November! Claytons Kola Tonic is going places.

Cheryl and Andy Armstrong went the whole nine yards. If you think you liked the brand before, check it again. It real nice. Good-looking people like Sonja Trotman and Pamela Coke-Hamilton even got their bottles autographed! But the real story behind the drink, though, is the Kola Nut. Fellas, you know what that means?

Adonijah sang a few years ago about “something still lef’ in d bottle.” Well, apparently if you drink Claytons Kola Tonic, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bottle at all! That bottle would take care of your bottle!

But talking about bottles, though…

This boy Philip Antoine – the mixologist man, he real fancy with himself. Juggling bottles, in chinos and a tight shirt, with flair and finesse only pros could have. But let me tell you a lil secret about the Casanova himself. He don’t make sport when it comes to his belly. Bottles aside, belly comes first.

Philip went to Trinidad to represent Barbados. The bartending was super and his movementations spectacular. But around midnight, the belly started to grumble. Hunger pangs, cogitations and ruminations…in fact, everything started to look like food. No more work for now; food must be got!

Philip was presented with a doubles. He opened the bag, looked inside, closed the bag and let out a steupse in Port-of-Spain that you coulda hear all the way in San Fernando. He was vex. But an hour later, he was hungrier than ever. So, he requested a knife and fork!

You would think he was going to hunker down on a sizzling strip loin steak or something so, right? No, bosie, my boy Philip proceeded to out the brown paper bag, spread the doubles paper flatly onto the table and ingest the victuals in high fashion. I dub this one, Doubles a la Antoine … the only time you’d see Trini doubles being eaten with silverware. Posh Philip; starving but never lowering his standards!

And as I mentioned standards… The supermarket trolleys. Lawdhavistmercy, the trolleys need a lil cleaning sometimes, folks.

Please to clean them, supermarket people.

I pulled a trolley from the line and my hand almost stuck to the handle. I don’ know if it was snot or what, but it was sticky, gooey and all things gross. Thank goodness that particular supermarket had bleach wipes in stock. But cuhdear, do you know that a report in the Daily Mail mentioned that trolley handles carry more germs than public toilets?!?

I mean, some of us won’t care about this (like the guy digging for gold down-under near the tins of beans) but for those of you who place your tots in the trolleys; or are concerned about contamination, take heed!

*Veoma Ali is an author, broadcaster, advertising exec and most important, a karaoke lover.