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Sharon Primary students stage mini Independence parade


Sharon Primary students stage mini Independence parade

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Those were the words that echoed around the Cane Garden, St Thomas area today as the Sharon Primary School Independence Day celebrations kicked off with a mini parade.

Led by the Harrison College Cadet Corps band, the Brownies, Cub Scouts and Blossoms units of the school marched from outside Lester Vaughn Secondary school, along the main road and into the gates of the primary school.

School principal Pamela Small-Williams explained that this was the second year the mini parade had been conducted and that it was done so that the children could show their patriotism.

As the Cadet Corp band belted out Red Plastic Bag’s Something’s Happening and more traditional Barbadian songs such as Beautiful, Beautiful Barbados and I Say B, children could be seen waving flags and drawings of flying fish.

“We had our inaugural parade last year and it was well received. The children were very excited so this year we’re having the same thing,” said the school principal. (AD)