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TALKBACK: St John Clinic brings joy, Castle brings caution

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

TALKBACK: St John Clinic brings joy, Castle brings caution

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TWO BUILDINGS were among the topics which grabbed the attention of online readers last week: the long-awaited polyclinic in St John and the historic Sam Lord’s Castle.

Many were pleased that after almost three decades, the polyclinic was finally completed and opened as the David Thompson Health And Social Services Complex.

• Michael Williams: Hats off to Dems. Job well done.

• Alvin Holder: How nice for St John. We have waited long for this polyclinic!

• Mappofbar: Good news for the good people of St John. My dearly departed dad is I am sure singing Glory Glory Hallelujah.

• Lloyd P Gulston: After several decades and an official price tag that is yet to be disclosed as to how much it cost to reach this stage, [it is] with much pride that I am happy that St John polyclinic is now a reality. Proud moment indeed.

• Wayne Daniel: And the name is the right choice.

• Veronica Robinson: A long wait. Job well done.

Meanwhile, some readers were less than impressed that Government borrowed US$170 million for the redevelopment of Sam Lord’s Castle into a five-star Wyndham hotel.

• Janine Greaves: Who paying back this loan? Why pour $$$ into a hotel when QEH is in dire need of upgrading? Barbados can barely fill the hotels that are there now, never mind one out in St Farlip.

• Brigitte Adams: Sam Lord’s was a great loss but do we need this now? So many other issues to be addressed. We have hotels all over Barbados half-empty or doors closing. Borrow for the right things. Get your priorities right.

• Mike Ward: Asinine decision. China will own the island soon.

• N. Robinson: All I can think is “Mashup and Borrow to Buy Back”. I still don’t understand how Sam Lord’s Castle came to be in this state. We need as a country to devote more money to building maintenance. In the long run, it will save money on renovation and rebuilding.

• Brent Smith: I hope they are employing locals to build it. I won’t be going or staying there if locals do not build it.

• Sodi: This loan really does have very favourable terms for a project of this size and industry. Sounds more like some type of concessional loan really. China has truly positioned themselves as the ultimate preferred lender.

Very few can match their rates.The key with all of this is that everything must work. The project must be completed on time and as close to budget as possible. China seems to already have the Chinese construction firm and workers sorted so that area appears ready to go. Hoping that Sam Lord’s Castle rises once again!

• Cliff Lawrence: I like it. I stayed at Sam Lord’s after my dad got married. It was a shame to see the condition it was in when I went back in 2014. Guys playing dominoes in the ruins. Just awful.

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