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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hurting over sister’s betrayal


DEAR CHRISTINE: Hurting over sister’s betrayal

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DEAR CHRISTINE: I AM REALLY HURTING really as I write this letter. My heart is broken because of deceit at the highest level.

My sister has lived with my fiancé and me since our mother died three years ago. My father died when I was 15 years old. I am now 26 years. There was really no other place for my sister to live and so we took her in.

We lived liked a happy family until about three weeks ago when my sister told me she was pregnant. She is 17 years old and finished school just last year.

She told me I had nothing to worry about since the baby’s dad was well off. Mind you, I never saw my sister with a boyfriend and she had never invited any guy over to the house.

Some day last week, she and my fiancé sat me down to discuss her pregnancy. I learned that he is the father of her child. I am still devastated at their betrayal. I can’t believe that my fiancé and my little sister, whom I’d considered my best friend, would sleep together. I have let them both live with me and carried them financially since they moved in.

I am not sure what to do. I want to kick them out, but I know my sister has nowhere to go. I am also afraid of what could happen to the baby if I do. I love my fiancé and do not want to let him go but his actions have proven that he doesn’t love me like I love him.

Please, what should I do?

– Betrayed

Dear Betrayed:

I understand your hurt and pain but you’ve got some hard decisions to make – and you must make them.

The first step is to call off the engagement and get that two-timing man out of your house. Clearly, you have been his meal ticket for too long.

As far as your sister is concerned, while she is young, she also knows that having sex with him was wrong. He is equally to blame.

Allow your sister to stay with you until she gets the baby or until she is 18 years old. If she wants to leave any time before to be with the child’s father, so be it. Wish her a happy life.

Although this child will be your niece or nephew, it is not your responsibility; it’s theirs. If they both ask to be forgiven, forgive them, but move on with your own life.