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Attorney General underscores importance of intellectual property rights


Attorney General underscores importance of intellectual property rights

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BASSETERREAttorney General and Minister of Communications Vincent Byron Jr has underscored the importance of artistes to have their creative and original works protected by the law.

Appearing on the Government’s weekly radio programme “Working for You” on recently, Minister Bryon said some focus should be placed on protecting creative works produced in and by people of St Kitts and Nevis. He is of the view that intellectual property rights should be a growth area, especially for young people, and that there is need for them to protect their work.

“It is an area that we feel should be a growth area for our young people and those who use their talents to create music … and that we can find ways in which they can benefit to make a profitable livelihood from having this office of intellectual property,” Byron said.

The Office of Intellectual Property is involved with registering and protecting intellectual property including creative works such as music, books and films. This office falls under the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, which is under the purview of the Attorney General.

The Minister of Communications also spoke about Information Technology, which includes the Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) Department. Work is being done, he said to rebrand and restructure the Office of Information Communications Technology (ICT) at the CA Paul Southwell Industrial site.

In referring to his nine months in office, Minister Byron said that “it has been an exciting time” and “it has been exceptionally hard work”.

“I think no one can really understand the sort of hours and the sort of work that a minister of government would normally have to do,” he added. “It’s been a great nine months, exciting, a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, but enjoyable nonetheless.” (SKNIS)