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Jones praises STEM efforts at Harrison College

Heather-Lynn Evanson, [email protected]

Jones praises STEM efforts at Harrison College

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HARRISON COLLEGE has been praised by the Minister of Education for leading the way in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects.

And Minister Ronald Jones said yesterday’s presentation of 20 pieces of computer equipment by the Aron and Christina Truss Foundation would be a fulfilment of the school’s science thrust.

Jones was speaking during the school’s morning assembly at the handing over, by Aron Truss and Matt Grotty, who donated the computers.

The Education Minister said the donation would help to enhance the island’s STEM education and promised that there will be more such philanthropic donations in the coming month.

“This school is known for its very strong scientific bent. Each year in many of your scholarships and exhibitions, your science bent tends to comes out. So this presentation is only a fulfilment of your various activities, of your various abilities to ensure that your school remains on the cutting edge,” he said, as he urged the students to treasure the equipment.

Aron Truss later told the students they should urge their family members, who were past members of the school, to give back as well.

Meanwhile, principal Juanita Wade said the donation was the culmination of a partnership the school had forged with the charity.

She said Truss and she had been in long discussions about the many projects in which Truss had an interests – “project that can only redound to the benefits of Harrison College”.

Wade also said people should not expect government “to do it all”.

The students will also benefit from the film making skills of recently retired movie producer, Canadian Ryan Pahnell, who will conduct classes, in the new year, in the field.