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LOOKA LEW: wrong place, wrong time, oops!

Eric Lewis, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: wrong place, wrong time, oops!

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BEING in the wrong place at the wrong time when a camera is around is a dangerous thing.

Case in point. Independence Day gone, I down at the beach with some friends picnicking and having a ball, close by were some other strangers doing likewise.

On the beach was a young fella taking photos of the picnickers, then someone came up to us and said the fella was from the NATION and he wanted to know if he could take a photo of all of us; friends, strangers, everybody in one enjoying Independence Day.

However, two ladies said not them, them “ain’t want to be in the picture”. One lady said she supposed to be on sick leave and if her boss saw her in the papers at a picnic she gine lose the l’il job. The other lady just took off and run.

Anyhow, the fella took the photos of us enjoying ourselves and went on his merry way. It was after he left, that someone mentioned to the second lady, that the fella may have taken a few photos earlier unknown to everyone, and he might have got her in a photo.

Well panic set in, this woman get real frighten and called me one side and told me that she wanted me get a hold of the photographer fast, cause if her picture turned up in the papers she gine be in deep trouble.

I asked her if she supposed to be on sick leave, she ain’t answer. I asked her if she down there with somebody man, she ain’t answer that neither. Well this is 2015, so I asked her if she down there with somebody woman, and she answer and tell me she don’t swing that way.

But up to now she ain’t tell me why she couldn’t be seen in the papers.

Well, I told her I believe that if they gine publish any photos, it would be the ones where the photographer asked for permission to take, and not any ones where he was testing out the camera, and that seemed to ease her fears a bit.

But I ain’t telling no lie, being in the wrong place at the wrong time is a serious thing, especially when a camera is around.

Another case in point. A few years ago a friend of mine was walking through Swan Street and butt up on old female friend from school. She was holding a young child in her hand and they got to walking and talking and catching up on things. They ended up in a store where the girl went to buy baby milk and diapers.

But the place was thick with people, and holding the small child and trying to manoeuvre through the aisles with a shopping basket was posing a problem for her, so he offered to hold the child.

Before he could get out of the store, he got a angry phone call from his wife with her shouting over the phone, “I hear yuh in town wid yuh woman shopping for baby things.”

Apparently, some malicious person took photos of him in the store with the girl and sent them to his wife. In some pictures he had the child holding and in some he was holding the shopping basket.

Although he was able to explain the situation, up to today when he and his wife have a quarrel she does tell him bout the “outside child” he got. And all this occurred because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and a camera was around. See ya.

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