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PUDDING & SOUSE: A labour of spitefulness


PUDDING & SOUSE: A labour of spitefulness

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SHE OUGHT TO BE taking it easy but, instead, when she heard that a woman who bears the name of her husband’s pregnant outside woman was rushed to the hospital in labour, sirens went off.

Nurses had to hurry out of her way as she huffed and puffed her way to the private ward. She is no longer a young woman, and, for that matter, neither is he a young man, though the Harrisonian feels otherwise. But the expectant mother is. And wifey does not like it one bit.

As she got to the ward and stumbled in, some stupidly thought that she too was about to deliver. But her deliver was not a child. She intended to deliver some blows. As she violently ripped back the curtain, there was a scream, and she quickly realised that it was a false alarm since the occupant of the bed was not who she thought it was. Nurses nearby heard her exhale, then watched as she composed herself, and with the decorum of a senior administrator, left silently.

But P&S has been told that it’s just a matter of time before the entire episode is replayed, this time for real, for anytime now wifey’s worst nightmare will be realised. The countdown is on. Stay tuned.

Short shrift indeed

A DELIVERY TRUCK MAN who has a liking for biscuits was dropped like a hotcake recently by his woman.

The short, stout driver, who has difficulty counting past 50 when it comes to bills money, is now out in the cold begging all and sundry to plead with the woman to give him another chance.

There isn’t a resident in the neighbourhood of good mechanics and bodyworkmen that he has not stopped by and put in his request to have a word with the woman for him, but not let her know that he is the one pushing them to do so. Residents say that the big truck is making more patrols in the district than the police and soon it may not be necessary to have a neighbourhood watch.

“Short Man” has sworn on oath that he would be a better man second time around if given the chance, and that he would learn to count past 50. But things look bleak for him since an armed man has taken over his position as the inside man. Those in the know feel that it would be better now for him to steer clear of this flight path district and open his eyes as to which side his biscuits are buttered on.

Better text your order

SOME WORKERS at a West Coast hotel are doing more texting than cooking and causing heat in the kitchen among others.

P&S has been told that texting has become such a side order that after every delivery of meals workers can be found in the kitchen texting and tweeting. Ever so often there is a backup of meals and guests become irritable since there is little communication in the kitchen.

The owners of this hotel, who are in the island, ought to be on top of this situation since it is hurting their business. The situation has become so disgusting that some staffers can be found in the toilets texting, then rushing out to make deliveries to guests. From head chef back down to supervisor, some argue, should be disciplined since they seem to be letting the problem slide.

Hand in cookie jar

A BIG-UP gas station supervisor on the outskirts of The City has been given the boot after she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Just recently two others were sent packing after pulling off creative stunts for the theft of thousands.

Staff say that the woman, who knew everything about everyone, had no idea that this was coming. Many waited in long lines while this know-it-all supervisor kept customers waiting forever. Stay tuned to this one, others could follow.