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Call to investigate boys’ deaths

Antoinette Connell

Call to investigate boys’ deaths

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The UNICEF champion of children is begging authorities to swiftly probe the deaths of two boys and put public fears to rest. 

Faith Marshall-Harris, a former magistrate and coroner, said that whether the cases were for a coroner’s inquest or the Director of Public Prosecutions, the circumstances of the shocking deaths needed to be known.

She was referring to Shemar Weekes, 12, of Clinketts, St Lucy, who was suspected of hanging himself in May, and Jahan King, 6, of Jackson, St Michael, whose autopsy listed blunt force trauma to his body before his death in June.

“As the children’s champion I am very concerned about the matters . . . I have been trying to give some sort of comfort to relatives who really are desperate for answers.