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MONDAY MAN: Businessman rose against the odds


MONDAY MAN: Businessman rose against the odds

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Even before Toney Olton was born, the story of his life had already been drafted and the preliminary version wasn’t a good read.

As the first-born of a teenage mother who left Barbados in search of a “better life” when he was barely four years old, the son of a man who failed to step up when the responsibility of fatherhood came knocking, and the grandson of “a poor woman who gave her all and did her best to raise her three grandsons”, Olton’s life story read like a compelling and inspiring narrative.

It was first written that the only success he was guaranteed was the achievement of the title for the proverbial “statistic of his environment”. Indeed, he was destined to amount to little or nothing but what Olton didn’t know in his formative years was that his success or failure wasn’t determined by his circumstances, but instead by the choices he made.

Please read the full story in today’s Daily Nation, or in the eNATION edition.