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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t seem to find the right person

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Can’t seem to find the right person

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Dear Christine,

I HAPPEN to be one of those teens you recently spoke about who got pregnant before leaving school.

I am now 16 years old and have a four-month-old son. I honestly felt that his father and I would have been together forever, but I was wrong. Two months after our son was born, he started having an affair with someone else. In fact, I am quite sure this affair started while I was still pregnant for him. He is 21 years old and he and I were friends for 18 months before I got pregnant.

I love my son. Of course, my parents were devastated when I got pregnant, especially since I was doing well at one of the country’s older secondary schools.

I have returned to class work – through private lessons – and my parents and siblings are supportive. However, I cannot seem to find someone who is right for me.

Some young men do not seem to mind that I have a young son, but they don’t want to be with me for very long. After all, my son is my responsibility, and all they want to do is have fun with their friends.

After long periods of changing diapers and taking care of my son, I want someone around to comfort and love me. Is there anything wrong with that?



Dear Teen,

Yes, there is. Haven’t you learnt anything from your relationship with your baby’s dad? Aren’t your parents and siblings providing the love and comfort you need right now? Don’t you think that rather than looking for comfort and love from another guy, you should be concentrating on your education?

You now have an opportunity to make up for lost time at school. Take complete advantage of it, and leave the “boys” and “men” alone for the time being. Unless you want to end up with child No. 2, stick to your books. You’re yet young and right now life is not passing you by at all.