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EDITORIAL: Let’s nip violence in the bud


EDITORIAL: Let’s nip violence in the bud

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ON THIS THE last Sunday of the year, and given what will be for many a time of sombre reflection just as we approach the New Year, we are particularly concerned that the heavy scar of personal violence being meted out by some of our citizens still confronts us in a worrisome way.

We make no judgement on the circumstances of the death of a young St Lucy mother whose seven children are now fated to spend the rest of their lives without the love, comfort and touch of a mother.

Nor are we commenting on the alleged shooting incident in lower St James except to register that our Barbadian sensitivities must have been shaken by the reports of this incident on a day when we were celebrating the birth of a child and the message of peace, love and sharing with each other was the mantra and the message of the day.

In moving into the new year we will of course be focusing on finally righting the economic path along which our people should move, as well as celebrating in a big way the 50th anniversary of our Independence.

This celebration promises to be a year-long one, and given the situation which confronts us, it is just as well, for one of the first lessons must be that Independence is not a licence for no law and much disorder in which every man woman and child is expected to “brek for himself”.

In colonial times we worked in effect for another, but Independence means that we have to exercise responsibility for ourselves and towards each other, including our employers for whom we work. Employers, too, have to ensure that they run and manage their enterprises in such a manner that they can make a fair profit and provide decent work for their employees.

We also urge and caution all sides against the word spoken in anger.

Angry words are similar to shots, whether justified or not. Once released they can hardly be recalled. Apart from anything else, the use of illegal guns must be the subject of a major and sustained effort because it has the potential to permanently scar the personality of this country as well as destroy the lives of those who may get caught up in the flight path of a stray bullet while going about their lawful business.

Unfortunately for us, nowadays many homes are not the natural incubators of good solid Barbadian values and the electronic invasion has put a whole world of deviant behaviour and alien thinking at the disposal of some of our vulnerable minds.

It requires a combined effort and we are sure that the Government has the matter under its scrutiny. However, Barbadians must resolve that in 2016 they will raise their voices loudly in support of all reasonable efforts to bring these perpetrators of violence to book.

The economy may have its challenges, but there is no greater challenge than a challenge to law and order mounted by deviants who may believe that Independence is a licence to wreak havoc.

In celebrating our 50th anniversary, Government must let it be known that one of the benefits of Independence is that the Government now has the most potent legislative tools and powers which can be used for the greater protection of the society.

Uncontrolled violence cannot be allowed to destroy our achievements.