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Heavy fines needed for littering


Heavy fines needed for littering

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I SUPPORT ALL THOSE who continue to call for a more efficient garbage management system in Barbados, accompanied by nationwide sensitisation and education programme.

With that said, I shall reiterate that many of the dirty practices we continue to bemoan are in fact tolerated here and perhaps this blatant uncleanliness will not be checked until we get serious and start prosecuting offenders.

There can be little doubt that despite the opposition by some at the time of its inception, the seat belt requirement that is enforced by the officers of the Royal Barbados Police Force has resulted in many Barbadians opting to buckle up; and while some may argue that we fasten our seat belts to be safe, I contend that a significant portion of Barbadian drivers do so because of the $500 fine attached.

This, therefore, raises the question as to why a person who chooses to litter in Barbados would choose to find a garbage can in Canada.

In other jurisdictions, it is proven that with effective enforcement and prosecution, indiscriminate dumping can be efficiently managed and hence I continue to hold the stance that the time has come in Barbados for heavy fines to be levied on anyone who is caught littering.

Perhaps instead of applying new taxes to earn revenue, maybe we could make some contribution to the Consolidation Fund from the fines payable by those who choose to litter in Barbados. So while it is an established Barbadian tradition to spruce up our homes and immediate environs at Christmas time, perhaps this year as we celebrate the season of giving, we can finally realise that the environment outside our fences is also our home and is equally worthy of us giving it our due consideration, care and cleanliness.