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TALKBACK: Readers have mixed moods for Christmas

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

TALKBACK: Readers have mixed moods for Christmas

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MANY RESIDENTS SPENT Christmas Day enjoying the company of loved ones. Whether it was at church, Christmas Morning In Queen’s Park or at home, it was time of merriment and joy.

Online readers shared in the celebration and many were pleased that the Queen’s Park tradition continued. However, they also had cause to lament as hundreds of residents in St Joseph had no running water and had to gather at standpipes or community tanks. Moreover, 29-year-old Ricardo Gibbons had to be hospitalised after he was shot at Lower Carlton, St James, around midday.

Here some of their comments.

On Christmas Morning In The Park:

Monique Springer: I love this! So happy to see our wonderful tradition is still thriving.

William Jordan: Nice to see the tradition is still alive.

Angela Sandra Paul: Beautiful. I’m glad people are still keeping up this tradition.

Judy Skinner: The Queen’s Park tradition continues. I love it.

On dry taps in St Joseph:

Ramon Lewis: St Joseph water been off every year and basically every day as long as I have been living. Dating back 60 years or more actually. Honestly, sometimes you feel like some sort of livestock waiting on water or waiting to be fed.

John Herbert: It is really tough and it will get worse in the new year. Lack of enough rainfall this year will seriously impact on our water supply in 2016.

Tracy Holdipp: Desalination plant needed. That would be a big solution to our problem. Let Dem put that as a priority in 2016.

Shoni Boyce: Is this a third world country in Africa?

Shae Prescod: This is unacceptable; water is a basic need. Come on BWA, get this sorted.

Shae Rodney: Water been off in the north as well. It really did ruin the mood a bit for Christmas.

On shooting:

Michelle Stephens: I was just waiting to hear the inevitable.

Sylvia Mayers: On Jesus’ birthday? Our men getting on like savages.

Horace Boyce: Even pun a Christmas.

Tyrone Griffith: Seems like most the gun violence going north now. We soon run outta space for picnics.

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