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DEAR CHRISTINE: Dying to tell friend about her deceitful lover

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Dying to tell friend about her deceitful lover

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Dear Christine,

I JUST CANNOT imagine how someone could be so deceptive.

My friend, who is single and has been living abroad for quite some time, returned home last year, to spend time with her parents and sort out some family business. She intends to be here for a year.

Well, to cut a long story short, she met and fell in love with a guy during her fifth month here and they have been an item – of some sort. Just two weeks ago, I was informed that this man, whom she thinks is free, single and disengaged, is married – with children. Apparently, this smooth talker spends time between Barbados and . . . and travels there occasionally to hook up with his family. He runs a business here in Barbados and his wife operates a restaurant back in . . . .

As chance would have it, I have a relative who also knows this man, and she also said he was married. In fact, she lives abroad as well, and has eaten at the wife’s restaurant on a few occasions. Small world! When my friend asked him if he was married when they met, he told her “no”.

My friend is attractive, well educated and hard-working. I only want what is best for her. Up to this point she has not met this guy’s parents even though they both live here and she has only met a brother, whom they ran into my chance, while out one night. She was introduced as “my good friend from overseas” by this man.

Usually, I mind my own business, but I believe I have to tell my friend what I know. Should I, Christine, or hope this man sees this letter and comes clean?

Dear Friend

Dear Friend,

Usually, I tell people to mind their own business when it comes to gossip, rumour and other people’s affairs, but not in this case.

If you know for a fact that this man is married – and all signs/evidence point to this – tell your friend. Save her from heartache and from getting too deeply involved with this two-timer who is obviously taking opportunity of her relatively “short stay” on the island to have a brief extra-marital affair.