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St Thomas residents cry out over dry taps

Michron Robinson

St Thomas residents cry out over dry taps

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And St Thomas residents who have been waking up to constant dry taps over the Christmas holidays are steaming over the fact that they have not heard from officials of the Barbados Water Authority on the issue.

Farmer of Vault Road, Welchman Hall, James Hamblin said were it not for persistent rains, he would be in trouble regarding the watering of his crops.

As he walked a NATION team through the plots of produce which are still flourishing Hamblin said that the water problems they are experiencing are the worse since he moved in the area in the late 1970s.

His wife Marion explained that as the owner of a cake business she was unable to meet the demands of her customers.

Despite the inconvenience of the lack of water, the residents said they were more annoyed about the lack of an explanation from the Barbados Water Authority. (MR)