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Lots of the third terms in region

William Jones

Lots of the third terms in region

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YOUR COLUMNIST Peter Wickham in his article of December 20 – Historic Elections II – suggested that third terms for political parties are not the norm in the Caribbean. I would just like to remind your political analyst/pollster of the following.

Dame Eugenia Charles of Dominica 1980-1995; Sir James Mitchell of St Vincent 1984-2000; Forbes Burnham of Guyana 1964-1985; Sir Kennedy Symmonds of St Kitts-Nevis 1984, 1989 and 1993; Dr Denzil Douglas Douglas 1993; 2000-2004 and 2010.

In Trinidad there was Eric Williams from 1956-1981; Sir John Compton in St Lucia 1982-1996; and in Antigua/Barbuda Sir Vere Bird 1960-1981.

In Barbados there was Mr Owen Arthur from 1994-2008 and of course before him was Errol Walton Barrow 1961-1976.

Mr Wickham must be cautious not to let his slip show.

– William Jones