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Sugar Hill residents protest water outages

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

Sugar Hill residents protest water outages

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A SMALL BUT VOCAL CROWD came out this morning in Sugar Hill, St Joseph, to protest the weeks they have gone without water.

As they marched, they conceded water was running from taps again and this, they said, probably accounted for the few who ventured out.

And with cynicism born out of not having water for 23 days, they claim the water was turned on specifically because the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) got wind of their intention to march and that it will be back off by evening.  randall-rouse

The placard-bearing crowd, led by self-confessed self-appointed leader Jacqueline Wilkinson and former Democratic Labour Party candidate for the parish, Randall Rouse (right), walked from Sugar Hill to Airy Hill, in St Joseph.

The members of the group called for the head of BWA acting general manager Dr John Mwanza as they bore placards declaring ‘Today we are venting’; “We are not fools’; ‘Give us realistic answers’ and ‘No water, no bills’.

And as they lambasted the BWA for the treatment they had received over the past four weeks, they also castigated their neighbours who did not join the march. (HLE)

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