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DEAR CHRISTINE: Heart-broken over teenage love

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Heart-broken over teenage love

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Dear Christine,

I’VE HEARD about the song: Why must I be a teenager in Love? Well, I am a teenager who was in love. Now, I am heartbroken and wish I could just live in another region or country.

I met KB when we were both 15 years old and shared a few classes together. By the time we had our first date we were 16 years of age. Prior to that, we spent lots of time chatting on the telephone at night. Both our parents were strict and so we were not allowed to see each other apart from school.

To cut to the chase, I am now 17 years old.

KB broke up with me three months ago. That really hurt, but now she is seeing another guy who also goes to the same school as we do. It hurts worse. Christine, when I see them together, I get so unhappy. She claimed that she broke up with me because I was seeing a girl from another school. That’s not so. No matter how I tried to convinced her there was nothing going on between the other girl and I, she refused to believe me.

Seeing her almost every day is not easy and I am not sure how I will make it through the next two semesters. Christmas was hard enough, even though we saw each other at one of the popular malls and even had a bite together.

How can I stop the pain?

– Teenager In Love


Dear Teenager In Love,

From reading your letter, it seems clear that this girl needed an excuse to move on and she chose the opportune time to do so. By accusing you, it was so much easier to shove you aside for her new love interest.

Both of you should be concentrating on your studies. You’re too young to be seriously involved.

Get busy with your life. Spend time working out, join a club, a sports team, the library, meet new friends and socialise more. This girl might not be all you believed her to me. Even if she is, break free. Enjoy life and laugh more. You’re likely to get many more “heart breaks” before The One comes along.

A few months or maybe years from now you’ll look back at this chapter of your life and realise you’re in a better place.

Concentrate on your education and your career choice. Those are your priorities now; not this young woman.


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