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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband won’t stop cheating

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Husband won’t stop cheating

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE BEEN married for ten years andmmost people, includingmmy family, think my husband and I are the perfect married couple.

I married my husband after we both cheated on our then partners. There is a saying that we all pay for our sins at some point or the other. I guess I am paying for mine. Throughout the ten years of our marriage, my husband has had five different long-lasting affairs. By long-lasting I mean they lasted for between nine months to a year. His current affair has been ongoing for the past four months.

This woman calls our home and asks for him as though she is his wife or mother. My husband and I are both in our late 40s. The thought of another failed marriage is not sitting well with me. I do love my husband, but should I stick around or bailout?

– E.S.

Dear E.S.,

Seems like what goes around comes around! You’ve both played the “cheating game” and have hurt some people along the way.

However, your husband appears to be a chronic cheater. In other words, it’s a lifestyle he has adopted. You may find comfort, however, in knowing that there are many chronic cheaters – males and females.

Apart from opening yourself to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), you have lived and tolerated his lifestyle for way too long – perhaps because of your own infidelity.

Without seemingly casting further stones your way, I’ll advise you to get an attorney and bail out while you can. It’s best to have another failed marriage than to get stuck with an incurable STD. You’ve learnt – perhaps the hard way – that cheating never pays “true dividends”.