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Andy the ultimate postman

Tre Greaves

Andy the ultimate postman

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MICHAEL “ANDY” COWARD’S work ethic is stronger than most.

He has been called “the ultimate postman”, and to the people in the communities he services, the title is fitting.

Coward has held the position since 1989, when he sought work after being laid off from Solar Dynamics Limited.

Within two months of applying he got the job and the rest, as they say, is history.

And though he said he is currently owed over 50 days’ overtime, he thinks that is a small price to pay for him getting the job done.

“It doesn’t take anything off of me to spend that extra hour. If I drop down on the road, these people are like my family so I do unto others. If my son goes to the doctor I’d want him to have that special care, so I give it,” he said.

On a sunny morning recently, a WEEKEND NATION team accompanied the postman, who rode on his motorcycle through communities in Christ Church such as Bannatynes, The Hope and St David’s.

It was another hectic day for Coward, as he has to deliver mail to about  300 homes on his route.

He had to utilise an extra pair of hands, and the team watched as he directed his fellow postman Dwayne Moore to homes that he has become familiar with.

During his years in the service he has met many people from many different backgrounds whom he can now call friends.

Many of the residents did not think twice about saying positive things about the postman they call “Andy”.

“Without any apologies he is the ultimate postman,” Terry Maloney said. “My old man, he is a pensioner, my old lady, she is a pensioner and he looks out for them. Even if their cheques come late Andy is gonna come back and bring them back. And when he’s out we feel a way because we miss Andy. He belongs to we,” Maloney said.

Joyce Straker, a resident of the The Hope, Christ Church, also echoed the compliments about great service, and though she said she has never encountered a bad postman, she thought Coward was definitely the best.

On catching sight of “Andy”, Bannatyne resident Sidi Streetly greeted him with a hug, and she too described him as the best when it came to delivery.

“He’s loving, he’s a special human being. “If the pension cheques would be late he would stay back and deliver everybody’s pension cheque and make sure that they got it,” she said. (TSG)

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