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NexCyx now 2 Mile Hill


NexCyx now 2 Mile Hill

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NEXCYX IS NO MORE. Today marks the end of the road for Barbadian band.

The band has announced a name change to 2 Mile Hill, signalling a major turning point in its history.  

“We gave the decision careful thought and really paid attention to what our closest fans and friends were saying. To be honest, the name NexCyx has taken us as far as we could go with it,” said frontwoman Mahalia.  

Musical director, André, noted that the decision to change the band’s name to 2 Mile Hill is rooted in their evolution as artists and in their personal lives.  

“We started on the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies as a group of students who loved music. Today, there’s more to our story, our music and our message, and one way to communicate that to the world more convincingly is to have a name, which better represents who we have become,” he said.  

2 Mile Hill is a nod to the band’s home of Barbados, where Two Mile Hill is a major roadway close to Bridgetown.  

As NexCyx, the band maintained Barbados as their base, while travelling the world with a growing repertoire of music and gaining popularity across several key markets.  

Fans can expect new music from 2 Mile Hill, which draws from their experiences as an indie band. Raw and honest lyrics, and a fresh sound fused with hip-hop, dancehall, pop and soca will be trademarks of the 2 Mile Hill repertoire.  

The group will remain unchanged: André (keyboards), Chadd (drums), Kris (bass), Mahalia (lead vocals) and Russell (lead guitar).   

The band first gained attention on Barbados’ nightclub scene and in 2009, released Gossip Girl, a breakout single which opened the door for its music at stations and on stages across the Caribbean region.  

The 2 Mile Hill brand was launched on January 12, at 12:01 a.m. across digital platforms to more than 20 000 fans who form part of the band’s online community. The band is scheduled to unveil its first single release, It’s Over, tonight at 8. (PR)