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US Ambassador ends tour of duty


US Ambassador ends tour of duty

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UNITED STATES AMBASSADOR to Barbados, Dr Larry Palmer, is returning home after three years and eight months at the helm of the US Embassy in Bridgetown.

During a farewell call on Minister of Foreign Affairs, Senator Maxine McClean, on Tuesday, Ambassador Palmer said that while he has left posts before, leaving behind acquaintances and contacts, in Barbados he was leaving “true friends and wonderful relationships”.

“It has been marvelous. I have never felt as well-received or as comfortable,” he said. He added that he especially enjoyed being able to move around the island freely, mixing with the local people, especially the vendors at the Cheapside Market, the organic farmers and people on the beaches.

Dr Palmer told the Minister that one of his top priorities when he returned home was to start “a Barbados Fund” to finance his annual return for month-long vacations.

He described Barbados as one of the United States’ staunchest allies in the region and thanked the Foreign Minister for all her support and cooperation during his tenure here.

Senator McClean stressed the importance of Barbados’ relationship with the United States, and added that during Dr Palmer’s assignment, the two countries had been able to address a number of important issues, including those related to security.

She noted the ease with which the US diplomat fitted into the Barbadian society and said that this welcoming environment into which others integrated easily was something that Barbados treasured and worked hard to maintain.

This is Dr Palmer’s final overseas assignment. He plans to retire soon after his return home. (BGIS)