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Businesses urged to discuss mental health, addiction


Businesses urged to discuss mental health, addiction

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EMPLOYERS HAVE BEEN urged to incorporate mental health into their wellness programmes.

Director of human resources, communication and client development of the Substance Abuse Foundation Marietta Carrington made the call during a workshop at Verdun House today.

“For organisations, I think it would be instructive to look at what is your policy with respect to drugs, do you talk about it?  You talk about the health risks; most progressive organisations have months where they have health and wellness.  I can guarantee that addiction will not feature at all in that process and I promise you there is someone either in your department or in your organisation struggling with the disease of addiction,” Carrington said.

Meanwhile, clinical director Jacqui Lewis said there are many aspects of addiction and the Foundation which runs Verdun House for men and Marina House for women will be sensitising employers by  hosting sessions at least four or five times a year.

Meanwhile, clinical psychologist and clinical supervisor at the Foundation Dr Jerine Griffith spoke about what is addiction, how it manifests itself and the warning signs to look out for. (LK)