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Jones wants sixth form at Alleyne School


Jones wants sixth form at Alleyne School

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IF ALL GOES according to plan, Minister of Education Ronald Jones will see the Alleyne School joining the ranks of other sixth form schools in the island.

He made the comments today while speaking at the Alleyne School in Belleplaine, St Andrew after the ceremony to launch their Leaders’ Week.

 “I really want to see the Alleyne School, before I demit office or am forced to demit office, become a sixth form school.  You do well and you continue to do well,” Jones said to those gathered in the school hall.

He said he had done some analysis of the school’s performance in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate over a number of years and was pleased with the level of work and the number of students who were gaining four or more passes at one sitting.

Additionally, Jones said he was extremely pleased with the performance of the newer sixth form schools. 

While singling out Springer Memorial which now enters its third year offering Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations, Jones said the results for the students who would have so far completed Unit I and Unit II were “exceptional”. (LK)