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Guyana reviewing private sector minimum wage


Guyana reviewing private sector minimum wage

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GEORGETOWN – Government is in the process of reviewing Guyana’s minimum wage, with a view of raising it, through the law, for private sector workers. The current minimum wage paid to public servants stands at GYD$50 000 (BDS $482.62), while that of private sector employees is about GYD$35 000 (BDS $337.83).

According to Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Keith Scott who has responsibility for labour, the Ministry is currently conducting a countrywide survey to ascertain what the average employees working in the private sector are being paid.

During an interview with the Government Information Agency, Minister Scott explained that the survey is currently ongoing among employers, employees and other stakeholders.  It will conclude by the end of February.

He said that this move will seek to regularise wages and salaries.

“There is a clamour out there that people want to feel that if Government’s minimum wage is $50 000, that everybody should have the same. That is something that I feel should happen. I feel that if we take that $50 000 across the board, that we will have a happier work force . . . bear in mind that we do have to measure these increases with the ability to pay, but nevertheless from an economic point of view, it is better to have a happy workforce than a discontented one,” Minister Scott added. (GINA)