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Banks launches new slogan


Banks launches new slogan

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“LIFE NICE” has been unveiled as the new tagline for Banks Beer as part of a wider marketing campaign encapsulating the Caribbean’s captivating lifestyle.

According to Charles Walcott, category manager for Banks (Barbados) Breweries Limited, the new slogan, which replaces “My Barbados, My Banks”, was conceptualised to reflect the wider regional appeal of the Caribbean’s most heavily awarded beer brand.

“Banks Beer is an iconic brand which connects to a lifestyle that embraces the sense of fun, relaxation and enjoyment of our everyday Caribbean culture and way of life. This is the rationale for our new “Life Nice” campaign, which we believe will be a boost for the brand both in the Caribbean and Barbados,” he said.

Noting that taglines previously used throughout the Caribbean had included “Beer of Barbados” and “Caribbean lager”, Walcott said “Life Nice” captured the essence of what the Banks Beer brand meant to Caribbean people.

“Our Caribbean is a paradise and people the world over spend thousands of dollars for the chance to experience it. We as Caribbean people make a priority of enjoying life every day in our paradise. Whether it is enjoying the morning breeze on our back porch, roasting a breadfruit on the beach at high noon, or going to a rum shop and liming with friends in the afternoon, it is that “Life Nice” feeling that unites us, and Banks Beer is truly integral to that.”

Walcott said the new tagline embodied the spirit of Caribbean lifestyle and would therefore sit well not just with Barbadians, but with consumers from across the region, including those visitors who travelled to the Caribbean for relaxation.

“Banks Beer is intrinsically Bajan and by extension Caribbean, and we are very proud of the lifestyle it represents. ‘Life Nice’ celebrates our combined Caribbean heritage and culture, and we are very excited to emphasise and share these qualities with all of our customers,” he said, noting the “Life Nice” tagline would shortly feature on Banks Beer packaging, advertising and collateral materials.  (PR)