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DEAR CHRISTINE: There’s life after contracting STD

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DEAR CHRISTINE: There’s life after contracting STD

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Dear Christine,

MUCH HAS BEEN said about the transmitting of sexual diseases, commonly called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Sometimes men and women who have these types of diseases are afraid to tell their sexual partners – especially when they know they are living promiscuous lives. In fact, in many cases, they have no idea who gave them the disease.

Here’s my own story about an STD. I contracted herpes-2 (HSV-2) from my ex-husband during our marriage. As a result, I decided to divorce him and try to move on with my life.

I later married the man whom I thought was my soulmate. During our time of dating, I explained my past experience to him. I thought there and then that he would walk away from the relationship but he gave me his full support. As far as he was concerned, it was not my fault.

Was I angry with my former husband? Of course I was. I know for a fact that quite a few wives are given STDs by their partners, but it’s really not their fault.

The fact that the very man whom I trusted betrayed me, was hard for me to accept and understand. During our six years of marriage, I never once was unfaithful. I was later informed that he had several affairs.

I went through my time of stress, but thank God, I found a gem in my current husband.

I am not asking you for advice right now, Christine. I just want to encourage women with STDs not to become discouraged [even if they are to blame]. The thing is to get as much information as possible about STDs and keep in touch with a trusted health care professional, perhaps a trusted doctor or specialist [gynaecologist].

– All things Are Possible


Dear All Things Are Possible,

Thanks for sharing your experience and for encouraging others. Please bear in mind that women also give their husbands/partners STDs because they too are sometimes guilty of living lives of promiscuity.