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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby not making me feel appreciated

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Hubby not making me feel appreciated

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Dear Christine,

I HAVE BEEN married for eight years and I rarely hear words of appreciation from my husband.

He never tells me I look nice or pretty, but if I put on “too much weight”, he’ll be the first to let me know. He hardly tells me that I am a good cook (and I know that I am), a good mother or that he loves the way I keep our home.

Surprisingly, men other than my husband compliment me on my looks, style of dress, and my family is crazy about my food – especially when I cook roti and other Indian dishes which I love to prepare.

I spoke to my husband about his lack of compliments and now he has resorted to paying me compliments when we are in bed. I need a little bit more than that. I believe every woman needs to hear that she’s attractive and appreciated.

Perhaps this letter will go a long way in waking up those husbands and boyfriends who take their partners for granted.

– L.A.


Dear L.A.,

Wait a minute! Don’t men deserve compliments too? Why does it always have to be the way women feel and how they should be treated?

Mind you, I am not saying that some men – perhaps quite a number of them – often fail big time to pay compliments to their wives and girlfriends.

Of course, they fail to do so in many instances, but relationships must be fair and balanced.

When was the last time you complimented your husband on the way he looks, or how he takes care of the children, the home, the garden and so on?

If you are in a marriage where you sit around waiting for compliments and you are not giving them to your husband, then you’re not being fair to him.

There are countless honest, faithful, hard-working, respectful men, who are so focused on providing for their wives and children that at the end of the day, they need a warm bed, a supportive wife and to feel appreciated also.

Stop whining! If you wish to be complimented, sow the first seed and find a reason to pay him a compliment. – CHRISTINE