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Young footballers to benefit from donation


Young footballers to benefit from donation

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A CANADIAN fireworks expert is doing his part in supporting local youth football.

George Wade, the show designer for Fireworks FX Inc, said he was so moved by what he experienced early this year, he felt compelled to do something about it.

“In April/May we were hired for a show in St Vincent, a multi-million private party for a kid. When I went across to Union Island, I saw kids with nothing – it was the first time I was so disgusted with wealthy people – and I wanted to give something back,” he said.

Wade said he always had a love for football and knew many households in his native Canada were throwing away good football gear so he started Kicks for the Caribbean, a non-profit organisation where families in Canada are encouraged to donate any kind of football gear they could.

Wade said they brought in five cases of equipment and had donated to Welches Primary School, Bagatelle Football Club and a club in Orange Hill.

Recently they were at Bubba’s Sports Bar to donate the remaining equipment to Pro Shottas Soccer School and the West Coast Youth Soccer Academy.

Wade, who said he had been to Barbados at least 15 times as he usually worked in the island setting up firework shows with subsidiary Caribe Fire FX, said this was just the beginning and the “possibilities are endless” as he planned to set up opportunities for people to either purchase new gear for the children or sponsor a local child. (CA)