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PUDDING & SOUSE: Payback time near


PUDDING & SOUSE: Payback time near

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A MAN WHO HAS UNFAIRED many staff members over the years seems to be going through some trying times of late.

The grey-haired City businessman, who is almost never seen out of a suit, is now getting a dose of his own medicine.

Some in the know say that he is hardly ever at the company he craved for years, where after finally getting it he victimised the staff to a point that shocked the previous owners.

The devil worshipper, who allegedly sold his soul to Lucifer for around $10 000, is now being driven around since his vision is failing him, and puts in short visits to the office some days. He is, however, nowhere near the pit bull that he used to be.

He slept with young employees and passed them on to his second “wife” and another who resembled a mother sally, during orgies in another company owned by him. They were seen on more than one occasion leaving early in the morning before other staffers arrived.

He persuaded these young docile workers to put their money in the company and be elevated to the posts of directors. Being gullible, they did, only to be used and abused and ultimately infected with whatever illness he was carrying. At least two broke out in sores around the mouth.

But alas, he is going down and insiders say it wont be long now before his demons throw him to the ground as they claim their victory, and his soul since all signs indicate that it’s payback time.

Lifeline for lovers

TWO LESBIAN LOVERS who have sworn to stay together till death do they part were recently on the brink of being parted after almost going broke. But ebony and ivory have latched onto an ageing money tree and virtually picked every leaf thereof. They maxed out every cent to ensure that they stayed afloat.

Though being pushed at the water’s edge, they persuaded the cheerful giver to help them out of their debt and he would be allowed to take over the running of the business. Without the appropriate documentation in place, in rushed “the saviour” and started ordering stock and purchasing “big-mouth drinks” to satisfy the once large clientelle.

Little did he know that these two fraudsters had a plan up their skirt for him.

After ordering thousands of dollars in stock and paying off bills, the slow learner then realised that ebony and ivory were not setting sail into the sunset and allowing him to take charge. But, like water off of a duck’s back, “the saviour” turned the other cheek and walked away. He has instead pulled up his anchor and has returned to his original business and intends to wait them out until things run aground again. Which, from all indications, should be soon.

Staff seeing red

WORKERS FROM A COMPANY that has folded over a year ago are wondering when or if they will get any severance money. The owner, who was always complaining of being in the red, has passed away leaving workers high and dry.

Some, who were in the company for 15 years and more, are anxiously waiting to hear from his widow as to whether any money, regardless of how little, may be passed their way.

Repeated calls to the National Insurance Department for answers appear not to be bearing fruit as not one cent has been forthcoming.

The non-nationals, who lived high on the hog, both here and in their hometown, are known to be very wealthy, yet workers were made to virtually beg for their pay. Some workers are owed the equivalent of at least six months’ pay.

One man who has been on week-on week-off for almost two years says he is at his wits’ end.

Workers say that the amount of cigarettes the owners both smoked daily, had that money been put aside, they would have gotten every cent owed to them and more.