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New Basseterre High School in the works


New Basseterre High School in the works

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BASSETERRE – A buzz has already started around a new and technology-driven Basseterre High School, which is slated to be constructed later this year.

Speaking at a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education Shawn Richards stated the new school is proposed to boast a gymnasium, a modern auditorium, modern labs, a proper library, proper sewage systems and a modern cafeteria. Facilities will be added to accommodate Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes.

Richards said in December 2015, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) advised the government that funding will be provided to assist in TVET.

He stated the accommodation of TVET programmes, not only at the new school but other schools, stemmed from a review that was done by UNESCO which revealed that only 65 per cent of students actually graduate from high school.

“The solution would be to introduce TVET programmes in our schools,” said Minister Richards.

According to the review, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the one-to-one laptop initiative was not as effective as the old school was not built to house modern technology.

“When you go into classrooms, you may find one or two outlets,” said the minister. “They are not equipped with the internet and other provisions required for the use of laptops. Building a modern school will ensure that we have classrooms which are able to accommodate modern technology.”

Water fountains, fire extinguishers, fans, security cameras and benches, which were incorporated into the temporary classrooms, will also be included in the new Basseterre High School. Differently abled persons will also be able to access the school.  (PR)