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AG: Economy poor excuse for growing ganja

John Sealy

AG: Economy poor excuse for growing ganja

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ATTORNEY GENERAL and Minister of Home Affairs Adriel Brathwaite has given a thumbs down to people who want to use current limited economic opportunities as an excuse to push the cultivation of marijuana.

“I don’t buy into that at all . . . indeed we all know that these drug traffickers might start with marijuana but they graduate to cocaine, to human smuggling. One of the areas I have a serious passion for as a black man and a product of slavery, I feel very strongly that we need to eradicate human trafficking across the world and certainly across the region,” said Brathwaite at the opening of the 22nd annual Caribbean Regional Drug Commanders Training Conference at the Crane, St Philip yesterday for 26 agents to discuss the illegal drugs trade in the region.

Brathwaite also appealed to drug enforcement officers to maximise the use of their limited resources.

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