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DEAR CHRISTINE: Lover obsess with tapping my phone calls

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Lover obsess with tapping my phone calls

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Dear Christine,

What is your take on the following?

My husband has tapped our telephone line at home. That’s not all. He has gone a bit further by recording the conversations and keeping the tapes. Already he has ruined two great friendship.

One female friend lost her job and a male friend and his wife were at the point of getting a divorce only because the husband (my friend) had confided to me that his wife was cheating and the marriage was not going well.

I care for and love my husband, but what he is doing is deadly wrong. I have now reached the stage where I do not discuss any personal matters on the phone at home. I also do not encourage family members and friends to call my home. They are free to call my cell or call my office during my lunch hour – outside of an emergency.

– VN

Dear VN,

I may be wrong, but isn’t there some law which prevents people from taping the conversations of others?

You should check that out and confront your husband about his actions. Is it a case where he does not trust you, or is he plain malicious/nosy? In any case, his behavior ranks as a type of abuse and you should seek some form of counseling for both of you.