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Marshall: St Joseph residents want action


Marshall: St Joseph residents want action

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Is what parliamentary representative for St Joseph Dale Marshall believes the people in the rural parish need now more than ever in the face of continuous water worries.

Speaking after his Barbados Labour Party Branch meeting tonight in Burke’s Village, Marshall said he has noticed only one or two areas were “marginally” better off, but Horse Hill residents were still experiencing dry taps.

“It appears to me that while the minister has contradicted the management of the authority and has given us certain assurances, at this point in time those assurances have not yielded any fruit,” he said.

Expressing his disappointment and concern about the entire matter the Deputy Leader of the Opposition said there had been no resolution of the problem.

He added it was illogical to suggest to poor residents to buy water tanks when they can barely afford to pay their water bills.

“I have constituents that are buckling under the economic strain. I have constituents who cannot pay their water bills. Now in which world would an individual who can’t even pay a water bill, find cash to go and buy a water tank? [There is] installation and electrical work associated with it?” (MR)