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Some points to consider


Some points to consider

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According to international convention, the Embassy of the United States in Barbados is deemed to be US territory. Does that make it immune from the provisions of Barbados’ statutory control of land use and development?

On the other hand, what are the criteria as planning standards go for the erection of windmills to generate electricity for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Treasury Building, Government Headquarters, and the Barbados Defence Force headquarters (Garrison) within the urban area of Greater Bridgetown, including the Warrens suburban complex?

There is no conventional water treatment plant in Barbados. Before reverse osmosis, the practice was chlorine injection after pumping from wells protected by a sanitised area, which was selected to avoid wastewater reaching a water well by percolation within one year.

The Water Protection Policy is “experimental” until “more scientific work has been carried out on the disposal of sewage and wastewater”.

Given available scientific processes for extracting potable water and purification at the source of the well itself, the consequential reduction of the area sterilised as Zone 1 water protection zone becomes feasible for more intense economic potential use and social benefit.

The fragmentation of the comprehensive policy for the use and development of all land as territorial Barbados should be avoided.


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