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A slip perhaps, but not a slight, Bizzy


A slip perhaps, but not a slight, Bizzy

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I REFERENCE Mr Ian Marshall, who referenced Mr Trevor Marshall, who in turn referenced a publicised comment by Mr Ralph “Bizzy” Williams.

Mr Williams seems to have felt a tad put upon by the “freest black nation” comment, reported in respect to the ongoing golden anniversary Independence celebrations. He has taken that as a slight directed at the contribution of white Barbadians.

Mr Williams is a loyal and proud Barbadian and leading member of a hard-working entrepreneurial family. He may well have overreacted, instead of perhaps thinking it merely thoughtless. There can be no doubt that Barbados is a free black nation.

Here is the thing, though: there are no white members of Government, therefore no white policy or lawmakers in Parliament, no law enforcement leaders or even foot soldiers in the Defence Force. There are few white members of the judiciary, if any. The white population represents about five per cent of the total.

Certainly, it is understandable that both Marshalls lament the low-energy efforts to promote celebration of black heroes and history that should be central. However, I remind both that the enslavers and oppressors, as they refer to them, are long gone.

We are agreed that this is a free black nation, and the white citizenry, so far as governance is concerned, is impotent, when it comes to the matters they find subordinated.

Perhaps, both Marshalls may want to lament less and use their voices to effect the results they wish for.

– IRVING SKINNER, Ontario, Canada