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Portia rings the bell for February 25 election


Portia rings the bell for February 25 election

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KINGSTON – Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller last night dramatically summoned Jamaicans to cast their ballots for a new Government on February 25, the tenth anniversary of her ascension to the position of president of the People’s National Party (PNP).

After a spirited, hour-long presentation heralded by fanfare, the climax came when Simpson Miller announced that nomination day will be Tuesday, February 9.

“We invite you, the people of Jamaica, to walk with us into another term,” declared Simpson Miller. “One good term deserves another.”

In a wide-ranging address during which she urged Jamaicans of all political persuasions to embrace Jamaica’s excellence, the prime minister, the only public official empowered so to do, declared that she has asked Governor General Sir Patrick Allen to dissolve Parliament this Friday, February 5.

If there was a smidgen of doubt the trumpet would have sounded during last night’s mass rally, this was disposed of by early afternoon. The massive throng that had assembled from early afternoon had seen to it.

It was apparent that Simpson Miller and her team had pulled out all the stops to change her fortunes at the famed Half-Way Tree Square where she flew the gate in 2007, in her first stint as prime minister. (Gleaner)